• Do you want information about things to do in the Community?
  • Do you need food?
  • Do you need help with bills?
  • Do you want help finding the service you need?

Dandenong Community Advisory Bureau (DCAB) provides services mainly to people who live in the City of Greater Dandenong.

We are a not-for-profit community organisation. Our services are free. We do not tell other people your business.

We may be able to help you

I Need Emergency Relief

I need emergency relief

I have no money for:

• food
• medicine
• getting to an appointment

I live in Dandenong (3175) or Keysborough (3173)

We may be able to help if you live somewhere else
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I Need a Loan

I need a loan

Loans may be for:

• things for your home
• some medical and dental services
• education needs
• buying a car
• repairing your home or fence
• other things, ask us

Loans are not for paying bills or debt
Loans are not cash loans
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I Need Information

I need information

Not sure where to get help?
Not sure what type of help you need?
Not sure who to ask?

Our friendly staff can help you:

• find services you need
• contact services on your behalf
• fill in some types of forms

Written and online information
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I Need To Talk To Someone

I need to talk to someone

Bills getting too much?
Having trouble talking to Centrelink,
or your utility providers?
Other things worrying you?
A Caseworker may help
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Feel confused or sad?
Are you having a hard time?
Do you feel alone?
A Counsellor may help
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Make an Appointment

  9791 8344

  9791 8366


Visit Us

186 Foster Street East
Dandenong Vic 3175

Monday – Friday
9:30 am – 4:00 pm
Closed Public Holidays


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Ask the Translating and Interpreting Service to call us on (03) 9791 8366